Desktop display problem

Thank you “aThemes” for making the “Cali” thema available to everyone for free.

I have a problem with the desktop view on my 17" monitor (1152x864 resolution), the social / primary / menu bar is not visible, but the mobile menu toggle appears.

To view correctly I have to set the browser to 90%.

In a 17 "monitor you should display in desktop and non-mobile mode …

How can I correct this problem?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I attach screenshots problem.

Hello there,

That’s considered as normal because the mobile menu break point starts from 1199px. That’s not an issue to fix.


Tanks @kharisblank for the answer
but it is the first time that a thema behaves this way in the desktop view.

Ok … It’s not a problem, but if I want to change it, just add in the style.css file of thema child max-widht to 1152 as maximum size.

Thanks again for your attention

Hello there,

Changing the default break point will also require editing main theme’s scripts in the js/main.min.js file. If you know about jQuery coding, use js/main.js to study the code and place your modifications. Once done, you should transfer it to minified one, main.min.js, which’s loaded in the front-end.