Designing a landing page

Is there a way to design a landing page with Sydney theme without the menu bar? I don’t want to remove it completely but I just don’t want the menu showing on some of my optin/landing pages. Is there maybe a plugin that I can use?

I just found this online:

Sydney is another visually-stunning theme that allows you to create a very modern look. The theme is best used as a landing page-focused website, where you’re trying to channel visitors into leads through a single call-to-action. As with all these themes, it also includes a lot of customizable features for building more complex websites.

So that sounds great, but how do I set up the landing page?

Dear Marta,

Basically you can hide the header bar by using the below custom CSS code:

  display: none;

However it applies site-wide. To specifically do this on your landing page only, you need to precede the .site-header selector with unique body class name of that page. For instance:

.page-id-98 .site-header{
  display: none;

As every page has its own unique ID number, you have to find it yourself. While you edit a page, in the web browser’s address bar you’ll see something like:

> So that sounds great, but how do I set up the landing page?

That sound extremely awesome. There is a specific channel where you can write your review here: We’d really appreciate your review over there.


awesome, thank you!

You’re most welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.