Description coming both places

. Is there a way the description I am putting just shows under the description column instead of showing in two places?


Thank You
Hardik Patni

Hi @hardy,

Thalia supports description splitting so if you want to have two different descriptions, one above and one bellow, please split them with this piece of code:

If you want to have only one, put this piece of code on top or on the bottom of your description depending on which one you want.

Hi @EnesBeganovic,

Would you be able to post the code again in order to just have the description on the bottom and nothing on the top? For some reason I don’t see it in your post above.



The code is:

<!-- split -->

is there a way we can hide the description above and show below ?


Apologies for the late reply. For some reason we did not get a notification about your post. To hide the description above and show below, place this code on top of your description before the contents of it.

<!-- split -->

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