Descriotion legnth on services Widget

I have a single service page with a large description and in my home using the Services Widget I get part of the text just like the image bellow:

how it looks

I wish to make a description on my home page without the “…” in the end, too look like a sumarry of the page. I tried to use the text-overflow CSS style but it didn’t work. I changed almost every CSS style relative to the service widget and none of them seemed to work.
How can I change the legth of the widget description of the page? I still working in a local server so the page is not online yet. I didn’t use any special class or nothing, so it’s just like the original Astrid Theme.

Many thanks

Hello Monteiro,

I don’t see the image that you included above, can you please try to reupload it?

Kind Regards, Roman.