Deprecated jQuery properties


WordPress 5.6.1
Theme: West event shorthand is deprecated.
jQuery.fn.scroll() event shorthand is deprecated.
jQuery.fn.keydown() event shorthand is deprecated.


​Please accept my apologies for the delay in response. I really appreciate your patience.

Can you try enabling this plugin, clearing cache, restarting your web browser, and running your check? Let me know whether it helps or not.

aThemes Support

Thank you for your reply. I have that plugin installed and it does not solve the issues. It only notifies you that they are in occurring.

The real issue is that, although the theme continues to work, it is using unsuppported jQuery libraries with deprecated properties that may pose security issues. Some of them were deprecated 8 years ago.

Other than changing the theme, the only solution is for the theme author to update the code to use the current jQuery libraries.

We are now on WordPress 5.7. Please add the following additional deprecated jQuery code properties:

jQuery.fn.keyup() event shorthand is deprecated
jQuery.fn.mousedown() event shorthand is deprecated
Are these issues being addressed by the theme author?