Demo download error

Hello, I have tried three times now to download the Sydney demo. Everything is downloading except for the following:
Failed to import product_type external
Failed to import product_type grouped
Failed to import product_type simple
Failed to import product_type variable
And when I view the “pages” page that should then show me each section created I"m only seeing pages I created earlier? The site is (it isn’t live yet) Please help!

Hello there,

You can ignore that error notice if you don’t want to build your site with the WooCommerce plugin. That error belongs to the WooCommerce’s product type taxonomy. It is considered as normal. The demo data has been successfully imported.

Could you confirm if you have enabled a static page for your front page? If you haven’t done so, please do the following:

  1. Login to your site admin area
  2. Go to Settings > Reading
  3. In the option that says “Front page displays”, enable A static page (select below)
  4. Select “My front page” as front page
  5. Select “Blog” as posts page
  6. Save changes