Demo data import = empty

My steps:

  1. Installed new Wordpress
  2. Installed Airi Free theme
  3. Installed Airi Pro as plugin
  4. Import demo data Logistics, no error is show. It says “succesful”
    Result: Nothing is imported (no pages)

Please help me, what are the right steps to make to get the Logistics demo imported.

Extra info:

  • When I import a free theme, all data is imported successfully.
  • But I want to import Logistics. This import is empty.
  • All plugins are up to date.

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you have been running into issues. I am happy to help out.

I can confirm that I can’t reproduce the same issue on my test site – importing works fine.

I need direct access toyour site’s admin area to inspect further what is blocking you for importing the Logistics demo data. Because it seems likely a site-specific issue.

Please send me a direct message to securely share the username and password to your site’s admin area (/wp-admin). Ensure all administrator rights are enabled.

Stay safe.
Have an excellent day :slight_smile:

aThemes Support

Hi. I have sent you a private message.

I got it. Thank you!

I wrote you a response there already.

aThemes Support


Is there a solution?


I don’t want to whine, but it’s been 7 days now since I asked for support of a purchased item.

I fixed it myself today. 9 days after I asked for support.

Did not get any support.