Demo data file?

Hi there,

I very mutch like the theme. It’s rare that themes (also paid ones), are easy and fast to maintain (even with profound PHP, functional JS, CSS3 and HTML5 knowledge). This one is.

However one question. I would like to import the demo data, so that the theme kind of looks like you guys created from start. I imported the settingsfile, but all posts, pages, etc. remain empty. Is there such a setting file to import?

Thanks in advance!



There is also a demo file on the documentation page. It’s in the first chapter :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply! Man… how dit I miss that, I’ve even CTRL+F-ed. Great work. I am going to take this to a testride and i’ll buy the pro version when i can use it for a client. I’ll 5* it on WP, great work!

Thank you. Looking forward to reading your review.