Deleting Rows in Page Builder

Beginner here - my apologies. I can’t seem to delete a row in Page Builder. The row widget is not showing in the text nor live editor either.

I looking to delete the grey row below the slider.

Your input is greatly appreciated.


From the dashboard, open your page and edit. please double click the “Delete row” option of the row menu, see this


Thank you for the quick reply! However, the reason I’ve asked is because there is no row to edit in the menu of the text editor.

You will see in this view I have 2 widget rows, but there is a 3rd row (gray background, full width, no content) that is the problem I’m unable to edit:

I imagine I have to override this in the CSS, which is what you may be able to help with :slight_smile: Yes?

Thanks again!


You need to move your mouse in above the row :slight_smile:
The EDIT button are displayed when you hovered the row / widget


Check this pict:

There is no row nor widget in the Page Builder showing for that gray row, only one Site Origin row showing for the blue bar with the text.

Hence the problem :slight_smile:

The row I need to delete is the extra row between the header and the blue row (it was gray, and now suddenly today it’s white). It needs to be deleted or overwritten in the CSS but I’m not sure how to accomplish that.



Could you please to create a temporary login details to your site and let me know more specifically, maybe you can upload more screenshot of which row (the gray section) that you want to remove.

You can send it to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail. And please to put the URL of this thread on your message also.


Hello Awan or any one else who knows,

I have the same problem. Could you please tell me how you fixed it?