Deleting page title

Hallo Athemes,

I was wondering on how I can remove the title to my page. If you go to my About us page ( theres a white bar displaying it.

How can I remove this bar/make it invisible?

Kind regards,


Use the Front Page template.

And please, resize your background images for rows. You’re using images that are around 5500px X 3700px. You’re just slowing down your page without any real benefit.

Same thing for the slider - you’re using huge images.

Ahh thanks, I’ll try that and get back to you!

Recommended image size Vlad?

Depends on the quality you want - I really wouldn’t go bigger than 1920 X 1080px.

Works like a charm and loads a lot quicker, all is well. Your help is appreciated Vlad. Topic closed!