Deleted custom links and who knows what else


I am a total beginner. So, sorry for the complicated explanation. I wanted to create a Social Media row on my website, just like the one in Perth. When I was adding my social media profile links in the costumizer - menu page, I deleted it all by mistake. I deleted both menus (the social and the main 1) by mistake. I added the “main 1” menu back (meaning I created a new menu and added my pages to it) looks fine. But I can not add the social menu, because I do not have the “custom links” or any other things that appeared in my menu part before. I only have the pages left. What can I do now? I have no idea what else this can effect and how to get the “things” back.

Hello @zsozsoba,

Please describe what exactly you want to achieve.

Kind Regards, Roman.