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new to this, so please excuse my ignorance - how can i delete the menu - i don’t want numerous pages but instead just one, so there is no need for the menu item.

many thanks

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Please search google for some tutorials regarding this, since this is not theme related question, maybe this one

Menu item can be removed from Appearance > Menus, then click menu item, and then click on remove.

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hi thanks for your support. i however want to get rid of the menu all together - i do not have any other pages. I have tried the appearance --> menus but it won’t get rid of the menu on the header

Hello again,

Intro theme do not have top menu. As you can see in our demo there is dark line with logo on the left, and menu is on the right, and it can be opened by clicking on a button on the right. Can you share your page link with us so we can see what need to be removed?

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hi - i want to delete the + icon so that it does not open up.

site is


Hello again,

You can hide menu button with custom css code below:

.sidebar-btn.cross {
    display: none;

You can apply the code with this plugin

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