Default vs. Business Template Header

I love the effect of the entry title header that the default template gives. However, it leaves an inexplicable white gap between the footer and the last widget.

I was then advised to change the page to a business template, but the header is now gone. How do I recreate this header or effect in the business template? Or, how do I remove that white gap in the default template?


I’ve checked your site and I didn’t see the both issue on your site. The header slider are working properly and there is no white gap between the last widget and the footer.
Did you already resolved the issue?


Hi Awan

No, I currently have it on the business template, but had to manually add a text widget at the top for the header.

On the default template, it automatically loaded the page name as the header and it had a great effect where the header changes colour once you scrolled past it.

I lost this when I changed the template from default to business.