Default Slider issue


Thank you again for your great theme. The companie website is reaching the final phase, but I got an issue with the slider (not revolution or creely - the slider included in customize>slider). The elements in front of the picture are animated twice : logo and captchphrase appear then disappear and finally appear again… It looks like as if there is two times the same animation.
Can you help me fixing this bug ?


I forget the website url !:



It didn’t happened for me, so I get the animation only once, can you please let me know in what browser that happened for you?

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Thank you for your quick reply.
It looks like that on firefox 43.0.4 (last update of this browser). A friend told me on Safari also but it works well with IE and Chrome…



Have you tried to modify the animation to any other animation?

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Hi Csaba,
I didn’t chnage any animations. Moreover, each animated part of the website got a different animation and each appears two time…
For instance, if I try on firefox to hit F5 key in any section, the animated parts will appear then disappear anf finally appear again. After that if I scroll either up or down, each animated part work normally and appear only one time.