Decreasing the amount of space between the title and text (text widget)


I do not like the amount of space that comes between the title and text in the text widget. Is it possible to adjust?



Please try to use the following CSS code.

You can add CSS code to your site with Simple Custom CSS plugin (just copy CSS code and paste it in Dashboard → Appearance → Custom CSS after installing and activating the plugin). Also you can add CSS code directly to style.css file of your child theme.

div#page .widget.widget_text > .widget-title {
    margin-bottom: 15px;

You can remove .widget_text from the code above in order to target all widgets, not only Text widgets.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hey, Thanks for the response, but it does not work on either of the pages.

Well, just like I have just answered in your another topic, can you please try to use Simple Custom CSS plugin and see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello I try to do it and it doesn’t work?

Hello Valérie,

Please create a new topic for your issue to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you. I’ll close this topic to avoid confusion.

Kind Regards, Roman.