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At my website I changed all the colors to a blue color. But, when I add a not-moesia widget, I don’t know where I can change de decoration color. My website is over here;

All decorations are blue, but at the last one “Stage lopen bij O3 Leeuwarden” it isn’t. How can I change that decoration colors to the same blue as the others?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, go to Front Page > hover over desired widget and hit Edit. You probably won’t be able to style everything as you wish. If some widget look bad, I’ll do some custom CSS for you.

I don’t think I can change the decoration lines. Maybe it’s because it’s not a moesia widget? It’s just the ‘Text’-widget. I made a screenshot when I’m in the edittingmenu of that widget;

photo editting menu

Is it possible to change something in de CSS for me? Would be great!

Thanks in advence.

Got another question, btw. Don’t think it’s needed to make another topic. If so, could a moderator split this one?

I would like to change the language of the footer text “contact” as in the image below. Is it possible?

contactform footer

You can’t change decoration lines in that way. You should apply custom CSS with for ex. this plugin. For ex. applying the code below will change lines color to white for all text widgets.

.panel.widget.widget_text .widget-title:after {
  border-bottom: 6px double #ffffff;

For now just set up everything and send me link after that, with changes you want to be applied to that text widget.

I don’t understand, to change Contact to for ex. Contact us? Of Course just change widget title.

The decorations are fine at the moment! Thanks for the plugin and the code. It works great.

About that contact thing; the image below shows the name of the widget.

I see I can’t edit my posts.

But I would like to change Address to Adres and Phone to Tel. nr. That’s all. But I don’t see any option to change it.

There isn’t an option to change them. You can do it by translating the theme.
But we should probably add options for them in the next version, so meanwhile you can hardcode your strings directly.
Open up /widgets/contact-info.php, search for __('Address: ', ‘moesia’) and change Address. You’ll find the other two below.

Just remember if you hardcode them that you’ll have to do it again after the next update because we’ve already submitted it to wordpress. So basically the options will be there two updates from now.

Oh, that. You must edit and translate strings in de_DE.pot file to your needs, if your WP installation is in German. Or if you have installation in some other language, translate moesia.pot.

Files are located in folder moesia > languages.

Here some general translations guidelines that I wrote for other theme but it is the same principle. :slight_smile:

And download poedit.

Ahh great, did it. You guys are great! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Cool, reviews are appreciated: :slight_smile:

I am looking to change the color of the decorative line under the title in the text widget as well- I am very new to coding and tried to use the bit of css above to make the change. I am having a bit of trouble- where do i place it, maybe i am looking in the wrong place.

See this post above. Add the code in the plugin and change #ffffff to the color you want.