Decentralize widgets in row

Hey there!

I would like to increase the space between my widgets in 2- and 3-column rows. As you can see now, the widgets in the first and second row are way too close to each other:

Is there a way to increase the padding individually for certain rows?


Ok, i figured something myself. I can achieve larger padding by creating small extra columns and leaving them empty. Don´t know if this is the best solution though…


You could go to Edit in your widget, then Attributes > CSS styles and apply left/right padding like this padding: 0 30px;

Oh awesome, that´s much better, thanks!

I was also wondering if I could move the left and right widgets a bit further to the edges? Make it look like like something between the full width and the full width stretched row layout…

Hmm, you could switch to stretched and then do the padding code I gave you like this:

padding: 0 30px 0 60px;

and for the right one:

padding: 60px 0 30px 0;

It’s top-right-bottom-left.
Not sure if it’s the best idea though.

it works pretty well actually!