Deactivate project pages

In order to have project image on page I had to create project page.
But in the reality I made it that when you click on this project image on homepage that it leads you to different page (I don’t use project page).
So with other word there are existing project pages but I would like that they are not active or that google don’t find them. Can we deactivate those pages and at the same time project images stays active?
Thank you, Anja

Hello there,

You should manually remove the links to your projects with this tool:


I read the guidelines but the first part is talking about removing URLs only temporary – 90days, which is not convenient since I want have forever.
Second part is talking about permanent removal of page – but nothing concretely how to do it – just that you have to remove it or block access, but not concretely how it should be done.
So no specific guidelines how to permanent remove page but still project image stays available?
Br, Anja