Deactivate Animation of Top Menu when Scrolling

hey there,

i wanna have a completely static menu at the top without any kind of animation. when i scroll down, right before i it completely vanishes, there is a animation that sucks the menu upwards. is there a little bit of code, just to prevent that?


You can disable the sticky menu by changing the menu style to Static. You can change it from Customize > Header area > Menu style.


i did that already. there is still an animation left that moves the menu area up when you scroll down and its almost gone. it also does that when using f.e. the go to top button to jump all the way up.

i made a short video, where you can see the main nav moving

Oh I seeā€¦Please add this code to Customize > additional CSS

.site-header.float-header {
    padding: 20px;


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