Data Not Valid Error with Importing

Can’t say nearly enough about the theme. Absolutely love it! However, having great difficulty importing the settings in order to setup the theme as viewed on the demo.

Hoping someone can assist.

Data not valid error message is what I get when I use the ‘import’ settings under the ‘Types’ section. And, it does not import.

Yes, I have attempted to just cut and paste the data provided into the text area and still have the same issue. And, it too does not work.

Hoping I can make this work as I was actually hoping to purchase the pro version once I familiarize myself with the template. But, may have to try to find another if this does not work.

Is there a workaround?


There is no workaround because it usually works. Try with a different browser. If it doesn’t work send me an admin account to vlad[at] and I’ll have a look.

Thanks, Vlad. Just tried it using a different browser and received the same error.

Doesn’t look like the account is working. I cannot log in.

It worked without issues. I believe you probably tried to import the demo content in Types rather than importing the settings file?
Please remember to delete the account you made for me.

Ah, sounds like I downloaded the wrong file then. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks so much for your amazing help!

Hello Vlad.
I’m having the same issue, not able to import the settings file. Please confirm if I could create your account in my website, so you could assist me on configuring this.
Thanks in advance


Yeah, you can. But seriously, it works without issues - just make sure you import the settings file in Types, not the demo file. You just need to follow the tutorial video.

Hi Vlad. I just created you in my website.
Please check your inbox and let me know if anything.
Thanks in advance

I Got It!!!
I just deactivated the “TemplatesNext ToolKit” which was doing the same job. And it worked.
Thanks for your support, and keep this for your records!

Cool, thanks for letting me know.