Danderous files removal request by the Hosting!

Hello Vlad,

Hope you are doing fine. Today I got a message from our Hosting company that our account has been suspended for security reasons. After contacting them they wanted me to remove bunch of files and there were couple of Moesia Pro theme files among those files:

wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/woocommerce/images/icons/themes.php wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/inc/prettyphoto/images/press.php wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/woocommerce/images/ajax.php wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/inc/customizer.php wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/widgets/fp-dribbble.php wp-content/themes/moesia-pro/footer.php wp-includes/category.php wp-includes/media.php

Also a lot of Types & Tinymce plugin files! I removed all requested files and you know what did happen. I just restored necessary files from my last backup archive but it will happen again soon since they’re gonna run their security check in near future. Any clues?

Many thanks,


That’s ridiculous. They want you to also remove WordPress core files. Good luck doing that :slight_smile:

A person actually told you this or an automatic message?

An alive and kickin human being :wink: :smiley: And they made me doing that and they didn’t remove temporary lock from my website without a double check

And they didn’t think it’s strange that their security check tells them to remove WP core files like the last two in your list?

Anyway, there is nothing I can do to help. Nothing is wrong with those files as far as I’m concerned. But I’m curious to see the full list if you want to send it to me at vlad[at]athemes.com

An email consisting of full list of requested files on its way Vlad. Have fun reviewing that list :wink:
Please let me know what do you think Vlad.

I’ll say again, ridiculous. You can remove Wordpress completely if you have to remove all those files. You should change hosts.

Hello Vlad,

May I kindly ask you to send me the latest ver. of Moesia pro zip file via email?

Many thanks,


Pile of thanks Vlad!