Customizing what you see in posts

is it possible to change something that will allow the DATE and tags to NOT show up on posts/pages?

Thanks for all your help…

We actually implemented some options for this in a new theme (Katori) and we’ll probably move that set of options to Solon as well.

Meanwhile, add this to your CSS:

.single .posted-on,
.single .entry-footer span:nth-of-type(2) {
     display: none;

If you want this to work on the home page as well, just remove the .single part.

that’s great!

Removing from posts works like a charm. However, when I remove .single from the lines, it doesn’t change on home page

Sorry, this removes the date and the tags from home:

.tags-links {
   display: none;

.posted-on (without .single) definitely works on home.

worked like a charm! Thank you!

Hi Vlad,

I used all the code above and remove all the tags that cluttered my posts and home.
But in the bottom of the post, it still shows “permalink”.

How do I remove it?

My website:

Hi ariefwibowo,

Click the right mouse button on permalink and find inspect the element, just check where it is located and try to deleted or change the code to necessary