Customizing Search Bar


I would like to customize the search bar and did already ask you a question concerning this.
I want to put the search bar in the header and you sent me the css code but the search button itself appeared without any content. I would like to have a magnifier in it or at least ‘search’. Is this possible?

Furthermore, the search button appears below the search bar but I would like to have it beside it. Finally, it does not work with the plugin Search Autocomplete. is there any way to connect it?

I have not yet activated the theme so I can not send you the page but if it helps I could send an screenshot from the preview.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Best Regards,


Hello Niklas,

Please share the the screenshots to service and share the links here.


Hello Kharis,

here is the link to the image.

I would like to have the search bar in the header right below the text “Das Börsenlexikon”. The green button should be right next to the search field and not below it.

Do you already why it does not work with Search autocomplete?



I could solve the problem with search autocomplete. But when I get search suggestions, these are overlapped by the header or green button respectively, so actually you can see them except for the last one.

  • so actually you can NOT see them except for the last one.

Hello there,

As it isn’t part of the Sydney core code, I can’t provide you with an immediate solution. I should inspect it directly. Please let me know once your site gets live with Sydney.