Customizer Has Changed

I can no longer see a preview of my edits in the customizer on the right hand side of the screen. In addition, the ability to make certain edits has been lost. Last night, I was able to add 3 widgets to the bottom of the page (Areas A, B, C) but now I do not have an option to add them when in the customizer. Has something changed? I have made no changes to any source or css files. Site is Thank you!

I just checked on my server and everything is working fine. Did you install a plugin before this happened? Nothing could have changed to your theme by itself.

If you can’t figure it out, make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll have a quick look.

Just sent you admin login. Only plugin I activated in the last few days was Akismet

I have no idea what is wrong, but it cannot really be theme related. You should go here: and reinstall WordPress. Also, you could try to reinstall the theme maybe something got corrupted or something.

Thank you for your efforts. Unfortunately re-installing WP and reinstalling the theme neither one fixed the issue. Any other ideas short of completely uninstalling/re-installing WP on my server?

Not really. Have you tried using a different theme to see if the Customizer works properly with it?