Customizer Font Set To Open Sans 300. But Blog Still Shows Thick Font

I have set the font in customizer to Open Sans 300. But the font is not appearing correctly. It’s still too thick. May be 500 or 600 but definitely not 300.

A link to your site please?

Link is

Well you are loading the 300 weight but the stylesheet sets it to 400. Use this please in Customize > Additional CSS or a CSS plugin if you have one:

body { font-weight: 300; }

Thanks. That works. Any reason the stylesheet sets it to 400? Can it be because of some plugin?

400 is the default value. Picking the weights doesn’t change that, it just changes what weights are loaded and available.

The problem was that Thrive Visual Editor also loads Google Fonts and it adds the 400 variant too, not just 300 like you set the theme to do. So since 400 is the default value and it was available from Thrive, that’s what it was showing.

Got it. Thanks. By the way, are you guys still looking for a digital marketer?

I am working as a freelance digital marketer and copywriter from India for the last 3-4 years. My clients are startups and small businesses in USA, Canada, Korea and more. And I have helped them on many aspects including influencer outreach, PPC management, SEO, conversion optimization and more.

Does that sound like someone you’d consider if I apply through the form?

I can’t really tell you about that. I linked your post to the person in charge.

Hi Hitesh,

We’re not actively looking at the moment, sorry.


No problem. Thanks Charlie & Vlad.