Customizer Colours don't respond


Building the website

Want to change primary colours and menu background colours, however the website doesn’t respond to changements (not in Chrome, Firefox or Safari).

  • Already managed to change some things via CSS but would prefer to work via Customizer.
  • Already deactived all plugins and tried but without succes.

Wish Primary Colour: #13e0be
Wish Menu Background Colour: #d9e0de

Thanks a lot!


I just checked your site and I noticed the primary color already works. Have you tried to clear cache your browser? Here is the screenshot of your site from here

And to change the background color of the menu bar, please try to add this to Customize > additional CSS:

.site-header.float-header {
    background-color: #d9e0de;


Hi Awan!
Thanks a lot.
Primary color doesn’t work, i’ve just added a lot of CSS code per object, however it’s far from optimal.
I’ve currently removed the CSS and you’ll see that primary color is still configured as #13e0be however it displays the standard color.

Can you check one more time?
Same for font sizes and other colour configurations: they don’t react if you change it via customizer.
Thanks a lot!

I see… Have you try to deactivate all non-required plugin by the theme? if it’s still not working, do you mind if I check your site directly? you can send me a private message for the login details of your site.

Still not working.
I’ll send private message, how can I do this?

:point_left: Click my avatar then click “Message” button.

Not possible sir.

looks like you have not enough point on this forum to send a PM to other users.
Alternatively, you can send me a message to my email: awan.rimbawan101 at