Customizer area is blank


I have installed the Cali theme and I changed in settings for the front page to be ‘You latest posts’ or it seemingly doesn’t work to show the style theme you guys have created.

My main question is for now is that when I click ‘Customise’ it comes up with nothing. I can’t change anything.

Here is the link:

The things (for now) that I want to change are insert a logo instead of the text as the header. Because I can’t get into the CSS in ‘Customise’ I can’t fix anything.

Also, if you can provide info of what CSS I need to be able to insert a logo, and how to make sure the size is right on both desktop and mobile, that would be great.

Also, I would like to change the footer text to be in line with the business and not the ‘by A Themes etc’.

And also, can you explain this line through the Instagram part. Isn’t lining up properly.

Hello there,

Plugin script conflict usually stop customizer to work properly. Try disabling all active plugins temporarily and try again.