Customize title decoration color in Text box


This is a great theme, expect to use it a lot!

Still developing the site, have been able to figure out how to customize colors in most places, but…

On my front page, there’s a Text box but the color of the title decoration (two lines under titles) is the default and I can’t find how to change it to match the color I’ve used elsewhere. Something I’m missing?



Hello. You can add this in a custom CSS plugin:

.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
     border-color: #28589a;


Thanks, that’s perfect. I assume I could do likewise for text color? I changed the site default to a larger size and darker shade, and the size change took in Text box, but not the color…


You can do it like this:

.widget_text {
   color: #444444;


All done! Thanks for the help. As I continue to explore the theme I’m sure I’ll have more questions.


I’m having this same problem. Where do i add the custom CSS plug in? in the css style sheet in the editor section? if so, where in the sheet?