Customize Theme


Can’t Customize or Preview the Theme. Not only yours. But i decided to use your theme, because for me it was the best of all ive tried. But i cant customize it. It loads the left sidebar with the diffrent settings i could change, but on the right side is only the “loading button”. I hope you can help me out.


Sorry for the delays. Did you have fixed this issue already? if not, please try to:

  • deactivate plugin one by one to see if it was because plugin conflict
  • re-save the permalink from: Settings > Permalinks

Let us know how it goes.



ive tried now what you said, but it didnt work. Any other Suggestions?

“Can’t Customize or Preview the Theme. Not only yours”
> What version of your wordrpess?
Maybe you can try to reinstall the wordpress?

The newest Version 4.4.2 i installed it yesterday… I really dont want to reinstall it isnt there any other way to solve this problem? My Hp isnt live yet but i already wrote a lot of sites…


i solved the problem now on my own, thank you anyway.

I had a index.html file that i deleted and one index.php where the ?> was missing at the end. So that can be closed.

Oh I see…I am glad to know that you can resolve this issue.

Please feel free to ask here if you need any help.