Customize sydney_slider_button()

I’m using Sydney Pro in a child theme. I need to customize the Button in the Hero Slider. Found the code in “inc/slider.php” in the function sydney_slider_button().
But sydney_slider_button() isn’t plugable, so I can’t overwrite it in my child-theme-functions.php
What would be the best way to modify this function?


Hello Heiko,

You can override the sydney_slider_template() function, and change the button in this variable with your own:

$button  = sydney_slider_button();

In your child theme function you’d need to write a new function for the button.

function sydney_child_my_slide_button() {


So you’d have:

$button =  sydney_child_my_slide_button();

You’d also need to change this line:

<?php echo sydney_stop_text(); ?>

And redefine your own as the button resides in this function as well.

Hope this reply helps.