Customize link doesn't work

Hello, I can’t access my customize menu.
I click on it but doesn’t load.
Any help?


That’s strange. Disable your plugins except those recommended by the theme and try again please. If it still doesn’t work send me an admin account to vlad[at] so I can have a look, though this issue is probably not theme-related.

Hi Vlad,
Thanks for your quick reply. You’re correct. I couldn’t access the customize menu 'cos the theme was conflicting with the dynamic plugin. It’s a plugin that hides widget from some pages and posts.
Thanks for the help.


I assume this is the plugin: ?
Just checked it with more themes, including Twenty Fifteen and same thing happens. Then I deactivated the Page Builder and it works, so the conflict is actually between these two plugins.

Yeah! that’s correct. I’ll look for an alternative plugin.