Customise Not Effecting

The changes I’ve made in the customise menu on the site have stopped working. Would there be any reason you could think of for this. For example the background colour on the services section is blue but it appears white. thank you.

It’s white because that’s how you’ve set it from your custom CSS. Have a look at .services-area.

Hi, I think you are overriding it with custom css code. Check custom css that you are using. Or make another override with this code:

section#services {
    background: #4B88C6;

Is it just for specifying color?

Thank you, that changed the colour. a few things just seemed to change without intentionally changing the css and im not sure how to switch them back.

The height of the top bar.
The hover colour of the main navigation buttons.
The titles of the individual areas in the service section.
The background colour (on image hover) of the projects section.
The background section of the call to action section.
The background colour on the nav links
The hover colour on the recent post widgets.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

I think you are using this plugin?

Disable it for now, and eventually enable it again when you complete all the styling and finalize your website.