Custom URL for portfolio

Hey ! Thank you for the theme guys !
However, I have encountered a problem with the portfolio.
I am not able to use a custom link to redirect to a page I have created.
I have put the custom link under each project and I have change the setting of the portfolio in the editor “link to project page” and it still doesn’t redirect to my custom url.

I have no idea why it doesn’t work I would apreciate your help.

Thank you very much in advance


Well, link to project page links to the actual single project. Right below it there’s an option to link to your custom URL.

Sorry, I typed to fast, I meant I’ve choose “link to custom project page” from the beginning and it doesn’t redirect to my custom url that I have enter in my admin panel in the project area.

Thank you for your quick answer.

Hmm, looks like a small bug in Live Composer. It seems that it uses both links. The solution would be to go to Styling > Main and move the project title outside the thumbnail (and style it to look nice).
I’ll do some further testing and I’ll report it to the plugin’s devs.

Thank your, it does work when i display the title below the thumbnail. How ever it looks better with the hover effect so don’t hesitate to tell me if you find another way to fix it :slight_smile:

One more question : is it possible to remove the header image from any custom pages ?

ex :

The pineapple image is my front page header and I don’t want it to be displayed on all my pages :slight_smile:

They do look better with the hover effect - I reported this bug to the guys that own the plugin.

You can go to Customize > Header Area > Header Type and disable it for all secondary pages or you can edit your page and see the checkbox on the right side.

Also note that the images on the page you linked are huge. No point in using 4000px widths.

Thank you for pointing that out, it was just a test page I haven’t resize my image yet :slight_smile:

Thank you for the great help and the quick answers that’s just amazing :slight_smile: