Custom Types

I set up Moesia without uploading the XML. Everything went well. Now I want to set up and use custom types but I’m afraid that if I import settingsv8.xml it will overwrite some of my settings and/or content.

a) will that happen ?
b) can I edit the xml so that it only adds custom types?
c) or if I create the custom post types using Types–reproducing all settings t the letter—will everything else (like widgets) work?

and another thing
d) If I change the names of the custom types–will something stop working or break?

Thanks a lot!!

a) Nothing will happen to your content. The custom post types will just show up in your dashboard.
b) It doesn’t add anything else than CPTs and the custom fields needed for them. Just make sure you get the settings file not the demo content file.
c) There is really no point to do this. You can delete the ones you don’t use after you import if they bother you.
d) The widgets are based on the CPT name, if you change it they won’t show any content.

d) Though I think you can change the URL. That would be the only thing that might bother you since it’s the only thing (name related) that is visible on the front end

Excellent. Thanks you so much!