Custom Service Icons?


I just installed the theme and have been playing with it for a couple of hours for now. I have everything set up exactly the way I want, except for my service icons which just appear as red blobs. Is there any way I can customize these? I see other people using arrows, bugs, and whatnot, is there some kind of preset icon-box to choose from, that I’m not seeing? Greatly appreciate the support!



The icon backgrounds appear even if you don’t have an icon set. I’ll change that behaviour in a future version.

Meanwhile you can hide them by adding this CSS:

.service-icon {
   display: none;

Images that you’ve seen other people using are simply added to the service post body.


Hi MalloDK, if you go to you’ll see codes for lots of icons. Just type the fa code shown beside the icon you want to use, in the Service Icon block for the Service you’re editing. eg fa-anchor will show a little anchor. Remember to hit update!


I see.

However, I don’t quite understand the service post body part.
If I go to the service post, and insert media, with my icon, it messes everything up, and doesn’t even replace the red blob.

WP Admin -> Services -> Edit -> Insert Media

Is this the correct approach to inserting a custom image?

The image I’m trying to use is scaled to 32x32 aswell.


Yeah, it was a bit early in the morning when I gave my last reply and I think I’ve read it backwards. I thought you wanted to add your own images.

Follow Sarah’s advice from above, that’s what you’re after.

Sorry about the confusion.