Custom Post Types

First of all thanks for the great theme.

I couldn’t find if this has been touched anywhere else.

I changed the custom type name Services to Turkish. I then realized that the comment on documentation saying: “… you can change any settings for the custom post types using the Types plugin, just don’t change the names.”

Now that I changed the name Services section is not visible in main page, worse when I changed the name back to Services (I have to change to Turkish though) visibility is not provided either.

So what do I do?

Your help is appreciated



I think re-importing the settings file will fix it.

Why exactly do you want to change it to Turkish? Maybe we can find a way.

Hello Vlad,

Thank you for super fast reply.

The site will be in Turkish. Everything else I mean. So I need to change the type names to Turkish as well…


I understand that, what I meant to ask is do you also need it in the backend to be Turkish? If you just want to change it for the URL do a search for this in Types when you edit the Services CPT: Use a custom URL format and it should do this.

Hello Vlad,

I know this may sound complete idiotic but I am a WP newbie.

What I am trying to do is:

In the front page, when I enable Services and add a new service it says “Our Services” and under that it lists the service I add with service icon.

What I need is to replace “Our Services” text with “Özellikler”, similarly I will need to change “Our Clients” with “İş Ortakları” etc. I will have a single front page. I don’t need to have Turkish in the backend. I only need this for frontpage.

How can I do that?


Oh, you don’t need to mess with Types for this.
Go to your Services widget and you’ll notice the title field. Write Özellikler in that field and it will replace Our Services.