Custom member's area


i got a problem and made a lot of searches but i think i got stuck there

Iam new sorry it maybe silly question or answered before i appreciate your help very much

I’m working on a membership website and want to make a member’s area when member login it redirect him to his protected member area which is different from the website

member’s area will be something like side bar and menu bars (i will put daily updates to the members in this area)
my website is not published yet

this is my website looks like

this is my idea of member’s area

how can i make this custom area which contain a left side bar if someone click on 1 item like (stock name X ) the right hand side area open (menus and page )every menu contain a page with this style

is this structure is used by plugin or manual design? how can i do this?

sorry iam new and maybe this is not the right place for this but I hope someone help me


Hello there,

Your questions sound complex to do; it requires much code modification and testing. I am sorry nothing we can do as it goes beyond our support policy. But, I can recommend you to find a freelancer on or


oki thanks @kharis

i gonna try this if i didn’t find i will try freelancer

do you know how much does this cost me to create this custom area?

Sorry, I don’t know; freelancers usually have their own rates for either project based or hourly.