Custom Image Header

Good day there Vlad…
I really love this theme, it is amazing! The challenge I have is the custom header. I only want to decrease the height of my image. I used this code on the custom css;

.overlay {
   max-height: 500px;

The height still seems to stretch to 1,110px. Any advice? Really appreciate it. Thanks!
P/S My site is not live yet, not sure how to link the page to you:)


Well, you’re going to need to link it one way or another. That code should work for sure so I would need to see if there are some issues that prevent it for working on your website.

Happy New Year Vlad!
Thanks for responding back. I decided to delete the theme and reupload it. The code worked! but then I love this theme so much I decided to leave it as is :).

Now my other challenge. Everything has been working fine until a day after going live. My custom header is not showing on my site. Please help!!!


Happy New Year to you too.

  1. The image cannot be found, it throws a 404 error. I’m guessing you’ve deleted it or something - it doesn’t break by itself :slight_smile:
  2. There is no point in adding the whole content of the main style.css in the child theme’s style.css since you’ve already imported it.

Thanks for the fast response Vlad!

That’s a bit odd. I did change the image but it had been at least 10 mins before contacting you that the image had not showed up yet. I can see it now.

Really love this theme, it’s rookie friendly :slight_smile: