Custom HTML widget title

Hi there,

I created an empty “Custom HTML” widget for widget title set only.
I noticed that after recent updates, my widget title is gone and I have to write any text content inside “Custom HTML” widget to make it back visible.

Also, I have a problem with blank space between rows where the background image is set but I noticed that this problem was mentioned on this forum.



Please share your site URL here and tell me which part that you want to modify.


My site URL is

The problem occurs in a row which has an id “kontakt” - as you can see, widget title is visible only in half.
As I mentioned before, I created two separate rows - one column for widget title only, two columns for text.
I see now that the real problem is that “Bottom margin” value is set to “-180px” - this setting looked OK before recent updates because the first row was covering the second row.
Do you know how to make space between these rows look like original spacing?

Also, do you have any idea what to do to avoid white spaces in rows where background image is set on my site?

Thanks a lot.


I noticed that you want to make the section similar with this (in the demo page):

You can use “Layout Builder” widget to work on that section better. see this:

I hope, by using the Layout builder widget can fix the spacing issue on your site.

Please tell me specifically, which section that you meant?

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Thanks for a reply @awan! I am going to rebuild my layout using your solution.