Custom fonts not working for menu


in the Sydney theme v1.05 it seems that custom fonts configured in the customiser don’t work for main menu items at desktop resolution (my current display is 1280 wide). This applies to both font families and sizes (but not colours).

At my current resolution, my font size is set to 30, and the family is set to “‘Crimson Text’, serif”, but the font that displays is still Raleway at 18px, as set by the CSS (line 682).

The only way I can change the font is to directly edit the CSS.

Just thought I’d mention it, but was wondering if Sydney Pro might have the same bug, was considering purchasing it as it’s such a great theme!



Yeap, it’s a known bug. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thanks Vlad, I’ll get by with changing the CSS for now. Thanks for the reply! Great theme!