Custom CSS questions

Hi Vlad,

This is the website I’m working on:

A few questions for you:

  1. Would it be possible to change the color of the logo in the header from white to black? The ‘one’ logo should be white as first and change in black when you scroll down. I’m only able to upload one image right now.

  2. On the ‘wat is er nieuw’ page, I want a navigation module on the top. It should give a clear overview of all functionalities shown below (see titles). If you click on a link in the navigation module it should link to a specific page height of a title.

  3. The social media icons in the footer need to stick to the left. Can I manage this somewhere?

  4. The google maps plugin is currently just showing a grey box, even after I fill in a google maps url. What exactly should I type into the Google Maps url settings of this module?

Hope you can help me out here!


  1. That’s not a CSS only thing I’m afraid. You’ll need to overwrite the west_branding() function and hardcode an extra logo, then display the black one only when the menu is floating. Let me know if you’re not able to handle that and I’ll help.
  2. On the top where? Not sure I understand this one. You can add a navigation module from LC, set IDs for your rows and then make the menu you assign to that module point to those IDs by adding them as custom links (e.g. #row1, #row2 etc).
  3. You can add this in a custom CSS plugin or child theme:

.social-menu-widget {
   display: block;

  1. You don’t have to add an URL, you just need to type to location. Where can I see you using the module?

Hi Vlad,

I managed to fix the 3rd and the 4th issue. I gotta say I’m pretty new to webdesign so I’ll need some help with the 1st issue. How exactly do I override the west_branding() function and hardcode an extra logo?

Thanks in advance!

Send me an email to vlad[at] tomorrow please to remind me to test and see how this would work out. It’s 9pm atm so I won’t stay online anymore.