Custom CSS in widget attributes?


My first Wordpress site and I’m a novice CSS/coder (using Sydney theme)…

I want to change the color first header font (text: “IF WAR IS HELL, THEN REFUGEES ARE RUNNING FROM THE…”) below the hero/slider to white.


I added the following code to the widget (WP text widget) style attribute box:

h3 {
color: #fff

body {
font: 20px/36px “Source Sans Pro”, sans-serif;
color: white;

Is there a better way to override the site CSS just for one instance? Is the widget attribute box the best place for me to do it?

Thanks! Jer

OK, I cheated and downloaded SiteOrigin CSS and the plugin made it easy to change the color to light gray. Does the plug in save the custom CSS to the bottom of the CSS file? What if I update WP or the Theme?

Just trying to learn best practices. Thanks!

Hello Jer,

I’m not sure about SiteOrigin CSS, you probably should ask its developers. I think that the best way to override CSS and more is child theme, but it requires some homework to understand how to do it.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks Roman.

You are welcome Jer,

Kind Regards, Roman.