Custom CSS doesn't work

Hello Everyone!

I tried the following CSS-Custom-Code to create different Background-Images:

.postid-689 {
  	background-attachment: fixed;

This Code doesn’t work …

Please help me find the mistake.



This is what you’re after:

background: url(;

Hi Vlad!

Thank you very much.

There should be another problem.

Do you have more ideas why it doesn’t work?

Nope, post a link to that page please.

Hi Vlad, I guess it’s, because he wrote it in the code in post 1

Hi Vlad!

Excactly … it’s but i tried to use a special background at

By the way - do you have a Donate-Button (for your effort)?

Yeah, that’s what I meant, a link to the page in question.

For that specific page you need to use .page-id-687. Not sure where you got .postid-689 from :slight_smile:

We don’t take donations but we’re happy to receive ratings here :slight_smile:

Sorry Vlad!

I know - yesterday i tested the code on another page. Now i changed to 687 and it still doesn’t work.

I also tried another CSS-Plugin …

Any last ideas?


PS: Now i rate this great theme!

Have another look at what I said please. It’s .page-id-687 not .postid-687.

Vlad - I am not religious but you are my Messiah!