Custom CSS Code to Remove Blog Title

Hello Support.

I installed the Simple Custom CSS plugin and am using the following code to block the Wordpress blog title from appearing…

**.page-id-162 .entry-header { **

** display: none; **


The challenge I am having is that when I view the page in the Custom View, the blog title does NOT appear, but when I get out of the Custom View, and return to the Live View, the blog title reappears.

I have emptied the cache, and the blog title is still appearing in the Live View.

When I have done this what my other sites, the same thing would happen, but then after letting the site sit for awhile, the site eventually stops showing the blog title. I have let this site sit overnight, and the blog title is still appearing.

Any ideas as to how to fix?

Thank you. Bo

Case closed. It’s working now. I think the site just needed more time to propogate.

Thaaks. Bo