Current menu in one page navigation


I’m trying to show the current page. I am using .current-menu-item but I have an one page navigation home so it highlight all the menu items that are in the homepage.


All the pages that are highlighted are in homepage.

And scrolling should change the current menu item too if possible.


It doesn’t look like a theme issue, but you can check these links:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I know that isn’t theme issue becuase it did what I wanted but only for outside pages and not for the ones that are inside the homepage (rows).

But could do it. I was checking the "Change Active Menu Item on Page Scroll?" before you recommended but thanks anyway!

My problem was that I have 'href' by links and not by id like /wordpress/#aboutus isntead of #aboutus so I needed to make some changes/restrictions.

But now I created some issues:

  • When I change to other pages, scrolling remove the class.
  • The code doesn’t work in the customization mode

Can you give me some tips?
I think I’m not doing in the correct way.
I made a question on stackoverflow about the code but it wasn’t answered yet. here