Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Hi guys,

sorry to bother you with this sh**, but google is really terrorizing us today…

Suddenly this cumulative layout shift ( CLS ) came up in the web console. From 0 pages with errors 21… (for sure!).

Now it’s about moving objects at the start, but I can not figure out where they are. Can you help me out please.
Should we do websites without images and just text to satisfy the google team?

Thanks very much for help,

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I am happy to help with your queries.

I am not sure about the issue you’re getting. Can you take screen recording and share it here in your reply to this response?

Further adding, can you test with one of default WordPress themes like Twenty Twenty to confirm whether it is a specific issue with Sydney theme.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis,

thank you for taking time!

I have done screenshots for you of the web console.

As far as I can understand, CLS is shifiting elements of the website directly at the start. This could be a problem with the fonts of the home-page that are coming from right to left. But then it shouldn’t be just me having this issue with web console test by google, isn’t it so?

The problem with switching to TT is, that I will have to wait a view days till it’s checkt by google roboters. That’s a problem, there are customers on everyday.

Thanks Kharis,

I have removed now the slider text for a test.

-> Can you give me an code snippet, that will stop the movement of the slider completely?

Feels like something is missing without the text.

Now I know it’s from the theme. It’s the slider. And at the bottom somehow the page title. 3rd: Something from the menu.
Is there a way to deactivate the sliding script totalyl?

Any solution Kharis?
Please I need help in this.

So, if anybody is interested in a solution, here it is!

Insert in the Customizer this:

    .text-slider {
    animation: none;
        right: initial;

Voila, works for me fine.

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