Ctrl+PgUp & PgDn disabled? *Wider posts wanted

I have a child theme. Ctrl+PgUp & Ctrl+PgDn do now switch tabs with this theme. Attempted on Chrome & Firefox

Is there an element I could disable?

I would also like to make posts wider on this theme. I believe
the div class

class="post-content col-md-8 col-sm-8 col-xs-8"

is responsible for this edit. I am unsure of how to edit this class via CSS, nor am I sure of where to find this class in the php files.


Ctrl+PgUp & Ctrl+PgDn are working fine for me on your website - tested in Chrome. I doubt that they can be deactivated from a wordpress theme.

You could switch from Customize > Blog options to the other layout for your posts. If you don’t like that one, the div you’re searching for is in content.php. It’s a 12 column layout, so the content takes 8 (col-md-8 etc) as you saw and the image takes 4. Change them as you see fit, but keep their total to 12.

Thank you for the wider post comments.

In regards to the Ctrl PgUp & PgDn functions. When you are on say, Chrome, or Firefox, for example, you are unable to cycle tabs. When I have my wordpress site open in a tab (which utilizes moesia theme) I am stopped at my sites’ tab when I attempt to cycle tabs through Ctrl+PgUp or PgDn.

I am looking for a way to disable this so that users of my site are able to cycle through all their tabs, including my site, if included as an open tab in their browser.

I’m not sure what is happening in your browser but I told you that for me it’s working fine with your site open. I just tested again in Firefox and Chrome and I can cycle tabs without getting stopped on your site. This is not something that can be controlled from the theme.