CTA - White bottom @ button

Hello, I need a little help, when my page loads I get this small padding at the bottom of my CTA button. I don’t know how to fix that :frowning:

Anyone? Please, I need to handle this.

Sorry, I missed your question. Go to Customize > Front page colors and find the Call to action section and change the box shadow color.

No problem, I have tried that and now I’m even more confused, when I opened that call to action section my CTA button without doing anything lost that white bottom at the button (link to picture). But when I close customize menu it comes back with that white bottom like you saw in the first picture. I have also tried changing white color to something else and it had no effect. I also tried to resize my window width without any effect at all. What should I do next?

So you changed the color from the Button box shadow option, not from the background one? Can you post a link to your website?

Hey Vlad, thank you so much, I tried changing that button box shadow again and now it works even though it already showed that I’m using that dark orange color. I really appreciate your help, I will surely recommend your themes to my colleges, because even free support is amazingly fast :slight_smile: