CTA Open Pop-up

Hello Again Vlad,

I have this code that is a link to a registration form. I wonder if I can put it to open as a popup when my visitors click on CTA button.

Direct Link: [http://form.jotformz.com/form/50264897868676]

The platform is called JotForm and they also generate a code to open in popup, take a look:

[ opt In Form ]

The problem is that the CTA button only has the option to put a link …

This is a perfect example of what I’m trying to do, please click on the blue link says “Baixe o infográfico GRÁTIS. Agora.” /itsportuguese


If you know an easier way, a plugin or other tool that generates a beautiful form (and has a free version). I REALLY REALLY appreciate it.


I’ve used this plugin at a certain point: https://wordpress.org/plugins/visual-form-builder/ Can’t really remember if I liked it or not :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing anything at the Opt In Form link you posted.

I gave up using the Popup, very complicated and my time is running out. I had forgotten that Moesia PRO has its own contact session.

Now, using it, I realized that the map is not with size equal to the form. Have a way to fix this? Another thing, but this time is in relation to the Contact Form 7. I made the form and I linked the ID, then I came across a problem, the size of the field “phone” does not accompany their families with full width.


Ps: It’s getting handsome, do not you think?

Well, the map cannot be the same size as the form without manual customizing. We have a form that we’re using on our demo site that is already customized to be the same size as the map, but it doesn’t have a tel field.

How about you use that one and add the tel field so it will be more compact, and then we can change the height as needed?