CTA open a new tab


I checked other post about how to add a new tab to CTA button by adding

" target="_blank" class=“call-to-action wow zoomInUp”><?php echo esc_html($action_btn_text); ?>

to the fa-call-to-action.php but it’s not working, would you please let me know why?
Link http://www.promentors.us.com/library/

I think your code is not complete. try this

<a href="YOUR_LINK_HERE" target="_blank" class="call-to-action wow zoomInUp">
 <?php echo esc_html($action_btn_text); ?>

Thanks, now I can open to a new tab… But the look of the button is different, How can I change it back to what used to look like…


Also, Is it possible to have a setting that ‘open a new tab’ only applies to external links?

Thank you

The “Read more” button? I checking your other page and the button has the same style.

Nope, you have to set it manually for the external link

Hi, Awan,

I am referring to ‘READ MORE’ and ‘SEARCH’ at the H1B Databae Section. After I input the code you sent me, those two CTA buttons looks like these rather than a button. Anyway I can change the way they look back to something like ‘Read More’ button?


Oh I see…
from the code above, you can change to this code instead:

<a href="YOUR_LINK_HERE" target="_blank" class="roll-button more-button">
 <?php echo esc_html($action_btn_text); ?>